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Rory Carrick

I’m Rory Carrick and I’m the writer behind Eat Drink Run Fun. I’m a quadruple graduate of Trinity College Dublin having studied a broad range of subjects including the history of European art, business and IT,  counseling and psychotherapy and project management. In addition I’ve studied marketing, psychology and sports nutrition. I’ve also completed level 2 in WSET Wines and Spirits. September 2017 I’m back to Trinity College for a fifth time to start a two year M.Sc in Digital Marketing Strategy.

The site was created in March 2014 to pursue my more creative side and indulge my passions. The mix of content is eclectic including wine, movies, running and travel with a  heavy emphasis on food and drink.

Get in touch with me via email (just click)  to: rory@eatdrinkrunfun.comYou can also find me under the following social media  handles (just click on the links):

Twitter: @EatDrinkRunFun

Instagram: EatDrinkRunFun

Facebook: EatDrinkRunFun



It’s always lovely to have readers or peers recognise the work I put into my site content. I’ve been lucky enough to have been shortlisted for some awards during my time writing Eat Drink Run Fun.

  • Finalist Food Review Category – Irish Blog Awards 2017
  • Nominated for Male Blogger of the Year – Bloggers Choice Awards 2016
  • Nominated for Social Media Personality – Bloggers Choice Awards 2016
  • Nominated for Favourite Food Blog – Bloggers Choice Awards 2016
  • Shortlisted for the 2015 Irish Blog Awards (Best Food & Drink)
  • Shortlisted for the AA Hospitality Awards – Foodie of the Year 2015
  • Shortlisted for the 2014 Irish Blog Awards (Best Food & Drink)

Other Areas I am or have been involved with:

Irish Restaurant Awards 2017 – Judging Panel

I joined the Irish Restaurant Awards panel for the 2017 awards selection.  A wonderful opportunity to experience the judging process for these prestigious awards. You can find details on the judging process here.  All details are of course confidential.Irish Restaurant Awards

Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards 2015, 2016 & 2017 – Judging Panel

Judge for the Irish Quality Food and Drinks Awards for three years running. You can find full details on the awards here. All details are of course confidential

Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards

The Irish Curry Awards 2016 & 2017 – Judging Panel

Judge at the 2016 Irish Curry Awards. A regional competition to recognise and award those creating exceptional dishes in a number of categories such as Best Newcomer, Best Takeaway and Best Indian Restaurant. All details are of course confidentialIrish Curry Awards

UTWhen time allowed I was a regular contributor to the food and drink section of both the print and online version of The University Times. Everything from restaurant reviews to recipes.  You can find some of my articles here.

Digital Culture Today: Focus on Blogs

AF TalkPart of the Alliance Francaise panel discussion on digital culture. I gave a presentation on my blogging journey which included the following topics:

  • -Engaging with your audience
  • -Finding your voice
  • -Content is key
  • -Resisting temptation
  • -The importance of ethics

The Aldi Restaurant on TV3

download-11Diner on the 2015 series of the Aldi Restaurant show on TV3.  A food blogger table was included in each show and along with Caitriona Redmond from Wholesome Ireland I had the pleasure of sampling the dishes on offer on the night and doing my best figure out who the mystery cook is. It was screened on TV3 in March 2016.  I may have been tipsy. Have a peak at my experience here.

The 2015 Cono Sur Food Blogger Competition

Pan Fried Seabass Fillet with a Garlic, Lemon and Ginger butter sauce, served with Samphire on a bed of Coriander Mash.

I made it to the semi finals where the top three entries from each country were chosen by a public vote.  Of those three, one will travel to France to cook their dish in the final along with finalists from Chile, USA, Japan, Canada and Sweden. Details of my entry to the 2015 Cono Sur Food Blogger competition can be found here.

The Boyne Valley Food Series 2015

I collaborated with the Boyne Valley Food Series which is now in its third year. A series of over 40 unique experience led food events which took place between May to September in various locations throughout the Boyne Valley region.BVFS1

Judge for the Smart Plates Competition

The folks over at JCI Dublin were running  a healthy eating competition called Smart Plates.  I was delighted to be asked to join the judging panel and pick the overall winner.



The Outmost

I’ve contributed a number of articles to The Outmost, Ireland’s leading source (over 100,000 viewers a month) of news, entertainment, culture and opinion pieces aimed at the LGBT community and their friends and family.  I’ve written a Digital Diaries series about my experience of dating via a number of dating apps such as Tinder and Plenty of Fish. I have also written a number of movie reviews and opinion pieces. You can find a full list of my articles here


Disclosure Policy

This  is a personal lifestyle site. I’m not a professional food critic, wine critic, movie critic or any type of critic for that matter. I write about my interests and all posts are an honest and true reflection of my experiences. Where I have been asked to something as a guest I will indicate it should I choose to write about it.

I don’t have an issue accepting an invite to be a guest at a restaurant.  I always make it very clear that it does not automatically mean I will feature the experience on my site. Complimentary meals do not under any circumstance automatically earn positive reviews. That is a waste of time for everyone involved and quite frankly makes bloggers look like spongers and restaurants lose their credibility.  My policy is: positive reviews are earned solely by the hard work of talented chefs, professional staff and quality food regardless of who covers the cost. If featured it will always be made clear that I was a guest. I’ve turned down way more meals than I’ve accepted and that is with good reason.

In general I tend not to write about poor service/food I have experienced. Why? because that is my time (which is valuable to me) I’m using up creating content. Instead I tend to use that time constructively and email the relevant contact and give them feedback from a customer point of view. I strongly believe anyone can have an off day in their business and they should be given the opportunity to rectify it off-line rather than be slated online. I am very much of the opinion that everyone with a voice on the internet, no matter how small, has a responsibility to use it appropriately and with respect.


Site Advertising / Affiliate Links / Sponsored Posts

Writing content, editing photographs or researching articles takes a considerable amount of time. I do it at my own expense and in my own free time, because I enjoy it.  You will notice that my site does not have any advertising or affiliate links on it. There are also no sponsored posts either where I was paid, hired or employed to promote a product. This was a conscious decision when I started the blog.  That said, the right fit may change my mind.

If you do like the site and you would like to pitch a collaboration idea to me, I’m happy to read it. My email is at the top of this page. Anything considered would need to be in keeping with my own content, audience and interests.  They do say if you work for free you will never be idle. To be clear, I would rather be idle than rewarded with exposure. I can’t eat exposure unfortunately.