Sparkling Wines from Aldi

Aldi Sparkling Wines To Try

Aldi Ireland have a range of sparkling wines to suit every taste and more importantly every pocket. I’ve picked three Aldi sparkling wines below which I tried at a recent tasting.  All of these are in Aldi stores from 13th of November 2016.

At €10.99 the Cremant du Jura is proving to be quite a popular sparkling wine.  There have even been whispers that it tops some of the more well known and prestigious champagne brands. Its made from 100% Chardonnay with fresh citrus hints, apple and a crisp and refreshing finish.


The Lucci prosecco DOCG at €21.99 is superb value for a magnum. I suspect this one will fly off the shelves in stores for value alone. Fresh and invigorating with hints of apple and pear. A perfect choice to enjoy for a family gathering.  Did I mention its the equivalent of two bottles !


Rosé is not to everyone’s taste it has to be said.  A bottle of rosé wine could sit in your press untouched until literally everything else has been consumed before it.  Personally I’m a fan of rosé and not just in Summer. Make rosé sparkling and suddenly it becomes that much more appealing to the masses.   This French pink Champagne at €23.99 is elegant and appealing.  Soft red fruits with subtle hints of citrus. It will make a great present for anyone who enjoys a touch of class. veuvemonsignychampagnerose

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