4th of July Baileys Smores

Its that time of year to be dazzled by all things red, white and blue for 4th of July celebrations. Ireland it seems is embracing more than ever our American friend’s holiday just as they have taken to heart our St. Patrick’s day.  To make use of our recent BBQ weather I’ve taken a bit of Ireland and a bit of America and combined them to make Baileys Smores.  The idea came to me when a wonderful Irish/American friend baked me some (non-alcoholic) smores. This version are incredibly tasty, dipped in booze and bound to be a hit with everyone.Ingredients




Chocolate biscuits (I chose some fancy looking ones from the local Spar)


  1. Fire up the BBQ.
  2. Pop your marshmallow on a skewer and soak it in the Baileys.
  3. Gently heat over the BBQ.
  4. You can re-dip it back in the Baileys once heated for a double shot.
  5. Sandwich between your biscuits and enjoy.Baileys SmoresBaileys Smores

    Baileys Smores

    Baileys Smores Baileys Smores Baileys Smores Baileys Smores


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