Beeftro – Lunch At The Right Price

The name Beeftro has been on the lips of many so I figured since they were opening a new branch on Balfe Street I’d make it my business to visit. They opened to the public Monday. A soft opening I’m told with still a few bits and pieces to iron out. I visited Wednesday lunchtime.

I really like the interior I have to say. It’s classy but reminds me of an old style butchers at the same time. It might be the tiled walls that has put that in my head. Either way I like it.

The grill is open for all to see so you know the chefs are confidant in their food. There is a large upstairs with luxurious leather seating around the sides. Downstairs there are two further dining areas which I believe our host said will be available for private parties in due course.


As it was lunch and we only had an hour the focus was on the lunch time specials.

I opted for the open steak sandwich while R went for warm lemon roast chicken.

Mine was served on toasted bread with sauté mushrooms, red onion, rocket, garlic butter and fries. The steak was tender and cooked exactly the way I asked which was medium well. The mushrooms were juicy and the chips a slight crisp which I would expect.


The lemon roast chicken was succulent and full of flavour. It was served on a grilled flat bread with avocado and sour cream. Deliciously light but quite filling.


The service was excellent, the surrounds were comfortable and the welcome was warm. While it was not very busy with diners when I was there I suspect Beeftro will fast become a popular lunch spot once word gets out the doors are open. I don’t doubt that I will be returning to Beeftro and am very much looking forward to tucking into their dinner menu.

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