Burger Porn At Bread and Bones

Let me start by saying that I would go back to Bread and Bones for the superb level of customer service alone.  They are a business who know exactly how to speak to, engage with and give an experience to their customers.  I’ve chatted with them on the phone, over Twitter and via email and they consistently go the extra mile. It just so happens that they also make some FILTHY GOOD BURGERS.


Tsingtao Beer

Tsingtao Beer

We grabbed a seat outside at one of the benches and kicked off with a Tsingtao beer which is incredibly refreshing on a hot day.  We happened to have an excellent value groupon type voucher for two fries, two cheeseburgers and two beers.  Vouchers can of course be great value, but the price points in Bread and Bones are already brilliant value. For lunch for example you can choose four starters for €20.  They also have a great early bird with two courses and a wine/beer for €20.

So the food.  Well they do say a picture tells a thousand words.  We had bacon and cheese burgers. Half pound dry aged Irish beef burgers to be exact, with Irish cheddar. You are talking the best of ingredients here.  They were whopper burgers which were packed with flavour and cooked perfectly and I had to unhinge my jaw like a python to try to fit it in my mouth.  The moral of the story here is this.  Bread and Bones are good people with great service and if you want a burger that will make you roll your eyes to heaven and leave you full as a fool, then it simple GO VISIT.  I’ll leave you with the pictures below to see what’s on offer.

Cheeseburger Fries Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Cheeseburger 8

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