🌟NEW🌟Campo Viejo Tapas Trail

7 years on and the Campo Viejo Tapas Trail is still running.  This year its bigger and better than ever. Teaming up with Deliveroo this year Campo Viejo also offer people in Cork, Dublin and Galway the chance to enjoy their own wine and tapas night at home.  I popped along recently as a guest to see what the trail entails.  Here is all you need to know.

The trail is running in Dublin on the following dates.

9th, 12th, 16th, 19th, 23rd, 26th and 30th of July.  Tickets are €37.42 via Eventbrite and can be purchased right here. On the trail you will get to enjoy five Campo Viejo wines including a glass of Campo Viejo Rioja Cava to start with.  There are also three reds and one white to try. Along with that your group will share a selection of authentic Spanish tapas in four of Dublin’s finest restaurant.

Campo Viejo Tapas Trail

Campo Viejo Tapas Trail

I’m purposely not going to tell you what dishes we were served. But I will tell you they were all very generous serving and extremely enjoyable.  What’s more while eating and drinking around shared tables you will meet a whole host of fun and interesting people. Tapas did however include Iberico Ham and Manchego Croquetas, smoked mackerel and spring onion on Sourdough and chicken wings with Romanesco sauce.

The Restaurants on Campo Viejo Tapas Trail

Our trail started off in Drury Buildings where we met our guide Jim.  As you meander from one restaurant to another Jim will regale you with snippets of history about the areas you walk through.  Did you know for instance that Georges Street was once home to a huge department store called Pim’s which was run by a Quaker family in the 19th century.  It was five stories high and demolished in the 1960s to make way for an office block.

Our next stop on the trail was The Market Bar on Fade Street. Did you know the area where it’s situated was once referred to as the ‘Monto’ and was Dublin’s most renowned red light district. It was also an abattoir. When you visit, look for the grates still visible on the floor where the waste used to run (okay maybe look after your tapas).

From The Market Bar we went to Fallon and Byrne on Exchequer Street (who do a great brunch, see my review here). Did you know the building used to be a former telephone exchange. They also house a very impressive cellar of wine.

Our last stop was Eden Bar and Grill (also a fab brunch, see my review here) on South William Street. Did you know the street was once the hub of fashion with furriers, dress makers and gloves makers plying their trade.

Tapas Trail at Home

As mentioned, this year the trail has partnered with Deliveroo to allow diners in Cork, Dublin and Galways to enjoy at ‘Tapas Trail at Home’.  Prices range from €24 to €48 depending on the menu you choose, which comes with a bottle of Campo Viejo (delivery included).

The partner restaurants are Eco Restaurant and Feed Your Senses in Cork, Lime Restaurant in Galway and Drury Buildings & Havana Tapas Bar in Dublin.

Campo Viejo

Campo Viejo

The Campo Viejo Tapas Trail is a fun and enjoyable way to spend an evening.  It gives you the chance to try out four restaurants in one night. A host of delicious tapas in the company of strangers who will become friends and of course those five glass of wine.  For a ticket costing €37.42, that sounds like good value to me. Naturally I picked up a bottle to have at home too.

Campo Viejo

Campo Viejo


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