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Argentinian Crios by Susana Balbo

Every now and then you find a bottle of wine which you just adore. The Crios from Argentina is such a wine. The wine is made by Susana Balbo at Dominio del Plata in the Mendoza region of Argentina. Continue reading

Dan Kelly's Cider - 3 Varieties

⭐️NEW⭐️Dan Kelly’s Cider – A Visit To The Farm

A while back I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Olan McNeece from Dan Kelly’s Cider.  Sometimes we forget our old favourites among shelves stocked with so many options. While recently enjoying a bottle I decided to give this piece an edit and re-share it. Continue reading

Lidl Organic Prosecco

Organic Prosecco

Organic Prosecco doesn’t mean more expensive or lacking in flavour, taste and character. Lidl have some Organic Prosecco hitting shops December 27th just in time for that New Years Eve clink of glasses. Continue reading

Powers Whiskey Pop Up

Powers Whiskey Pop-Up

The Powers Whiskey Pop-up shop is tucked away in a luxurious back room of L. Mulligan’s Whiskey shop on Clarendon Street and is open until Christmas Eve. I was a recent guest and am happy to tell you, not only can you buy your favourite bottle of Powers Whiskey, you can also have it engraved for just €15. Continue reading

Campo Viejo Tapas Trail

7 years on and the Campo Viejo Tapas Trail is still running.  This year its bigger and better than ever. Teaming up with Deliveroo this year Campo Viejo also offer people in Cork, Dublin and Galway the chance to enjoy their own wine and tapas night at home.  I popped along recently as a guest to see what the trail entails.  Here is all you need to know. Continue reading

Luc Belaire Rosé

Luc Belaire: Black Bottle & Pink Bubbles for Summer

In an ever ending line up of bottles vying for customer’s attention, exactly how do you stand out these days?. Luxurious black bottles with pink accents and a silk-screened paperless label. Caught your attention?  Wait till you pop the cork and release the bright pink bubbles of Luc Belaire Rare Rosé. Continue reading

Urchin Dublin

Urchin at Cliff Townhouse

Urchin at the Cliff Townhouse is like a white and pastel coloured Summer hangout. Serving seafood and cocktails to a backdrop of cool tunes.  I had missed the opening night but the lovely PR team behind it sent me a voucher to try out some cocktails and small plates as a guestContinue reading

Muscadet from Lidl - French Wine Sale.

Muscadet From Lidl – French Wine Sale

The Lidl French wine sale kicks off in stores on March 20th.  In advance of the sale I’ve picked two to try.  I’ve purposely steered away from the traditional white wines such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc and opted for something a little less mainstream in the form of a Riesling and Muscadet from Lidl. You can find my thoughts on the Riesling here. Continue reading