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Natureo De-alcoholised Wine

Natureo De-alcoholised Wine

Natureo De-alcoholised Wine. Now there’s a term you just don’t see all too often.  Wine with no alcohol?, foolhardy surely. It will never catch on, or will it?  So what exactly is De-alcoholised wine and who on earth would be buying it? Continue reading

Honey Vodka Shots

While Winter brings us the festive season, it also brings with it cold and flu. Even worse, it brings the dreaded and deadly manflu. A very rare strain of the ‘regular’ flu which has been known to strike down even the manliest of men. Many (men) describe the symptoms of manflu has being similar to that of child-birth. Personally I suspect it is worse. I’ve had the manflu and I’ve had to take to the bed for days with nothing but Netflix and prayers to see me through. The solution? Honey Vodka Shots. Continue reading

Spiced Apple Warmers

Long before the words ‘craft cider’ become trendy, the word cider conjured up the memory of cheap brown 2 litre plastic bottles and teenage hangovers.  Ireland however has come on leaps and bounds and embraced the humble apple for all it is worth.  Craft cider is now a big market and I’ll be the first to admit, I’m quite a fan of it. With that in mind I’ve put together some spiced apple warmers. Continue reading

Lidl Wine

Lidl Wines – Three Under €10

Lidl are serving up an impressive range of wines. A bottle to suit every taste with very attractive price points. I’ve picked three Lidl wines from their core range to try out.  They are all priced in or €10. All these wines are part of the Lidl core range so are available all year round. Continue reading

Aldi Whites

Aldi Whites To Try

Aldi Ireland have an excellent range of white wines on offer.  Each Christmas they put together a selection of wines from across their portfolio. I’ve picked three Aldi whites from a recent tasting and have an overview of them below. Continue reading

Rondan Crianza

Rondan Crianza

The most renowned region for wine in Spain is Rioja DOCa.  Known for its quality red wines the main grape produced in this region is Tempranillo.  As it happens International Tempranillo Day is taking place this week. To tie in with this I have tried a 2012 Rondan Crianza from Wines Direct. Continue reading

Sparkling Wines from Aldi

Aldi Sparkling Wines To Try

Aldi Ireland have a range of sparkling wines to suit every taste and more importantly every pocket. I’ve picked three Aldi sparkling wines below which I tried at a recent tasting.  All of these are in Aldi stores from 13th of November 2016. Continue reading


Here is a little something to get the drink connoisseurs out there excited. Running between the 18th and 20th November Tippletown is Brewtonic’s three-day festival celebrating the world of incredible drinks.  A curated program of tastings, demos, workshops and tailored events is running in Wigwam on Middle Abbey Street. Each one is dedicated to showcasing the very best in spirits, beers, wines, bubbles, coffees and sodas in the world.  In even better news most of them are FREE Continue reading