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5Rock Skerries - Photo from 5Rock Facebook page

5Rock Skerries

I will be living in Skerries ten years this Summer.  Throughout that time I have seen new restaurants opening and old favourites closing their doors.  Skerries is a stunning seaside town with a vibrant harbour.  Along that harbour is the welcome addition of 5Rock, a Mexican inspired smoke house grill. Continue reading

Café Society at Number 22

Café Society at Number 22

When I think of dinner theatre I think of little round tables with lamps, clinking glasses and live performers entertaining diners. Café Society at Number 22, is exactly that. It’s a dinner theatre space that turns into an after hours circus complete with DJ.  Continue reading

Fish Shack Malahide

Fish Shack Malahide

Despite its simplicity, it can be hard to get a decent, tasty and enjoyable fish and chips in this fair city of ours.  There is nothing worse than soggy greasy batter which leaves you feeling bloated and disappointed.  Fish Shack in Malahide I’m pleased to say is the remedy to this nauseous situation. Continue reading

Shane Murray of MUD Bakery

Shane Murray – MUD Bakery

Shane Murray from MUD Bakery has been on a rollercoaster ride of baked goods since finishing runner-up on season 2 of The Great Irish Bake Off (GIBO) in 2014.  Not one to sit on his laurels he has been busy building and perfecting his own baking empire. I had a chat with Shane to discover where his love of baking came from and what is next for MUD Bakery. Continue reading

Fallon & Byrne Eggs Benedict & Brisket Brunch

There are so many good things to say about Fallon and Byrne, I’m sure anyone who has visited will wholeheartedly agree with me. There’s the outrageously gorgeous food hall where I want to buy everything and of course the superb wine cellar which is every wine lovers dream. Continue reading

Cookies for Christmas

Cookies for Christmas ! All those picture perfect families on American TV shows are constantly baking cookies for birthdays, parties and Christmas. When I was a kid my mother never made cookies, or gingerbread men or anything resembling them. Cookies or biscuits for us were custard creams or Marietta with a bit of butter on them. Continue reading

Mincemeat Pinwheels

Christmas is that time of year when driven by either guilt of not calling before or genuine festive feelings, you find your home invaded by a random series of unannounced guests. Among these guests one in particular can be found. She is what I like to call ‘The Bree Van de Kamp’ and she lives in every estate across the country.  Continue reading