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Cookies for Christmas

Cookies for Christmas ! All those picture perfect families on American TV shows are constantly baking cookies for birthdays, parties and Christmas. When I was a kid my mother never made cookies, or gingerbread men or anything resembling them. Cookies or biscuits for us were custard creams or Marietta with a bit of butter on them. Continue reading

Mincemeat Pinwheels

Christmas is that time of year when driven by either guilt of not calling before or genuine festive feelings, you find your home invaded by a random series of unannounced guests. Among these guests one in particular can be found. She is what I like to call ‘The Bree Van de Kamp’ and she lives in every estate across the country.  Continue reading

Christmas Veg – Side Dishes

Do you need some Christmas veg side dish inspiration? Despite the fact that Brussels sprouts are actually in season between September and February, I don’t know anyone who would dare put them on a plate before December. Continue reading

Rewind Review-Featherblade – Satisfying Steaks

I walked by Featherblade last week and it reminded me of the fantastic meal I had when they first opened.  So here’s a rewind to my original review, which is of course glowing. Continue reading

Marrakesh – The Food

Marrakesh was a culture shock in every sense of the word.  It had been on my list to visit for years and finally in August 2015 I booked a week away.  Ryanair will fly you there in just a couple of hours and the plane tickets are surprisingly cheap.  Okay so I went in a very hot month where it was literally like sitting on the sun with 40 degree heat most days.  Maybe that was why my ticket was so cheap. Continue reading