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Wexford Half Marathon

Wexford Half Marathon 2017

The last time I took part in a half marathon was April 2016 in Madrid.  A year is a long time to be resting on your laurels in running terms.  It was a combination of factors which kept me idle.  Some were of my own doing and some were due to injury.  

Time however has a habit of slipping by so quickly.   Continue reading

Madrid Half Marathon 2016 – The Rock ‘n’ Roll Series

After the disaster that was the Wexford Half Marathon a week earlier, I was more than a little anxious boarding my plane to Madrid to run the Rock’n’Roll half.  I had a week to rest my legs and more importantly to get my head back in the game. In my opinion if you are not prepared mentally then you are wasting your time showing up in the first place. Continue reading

Rough Running at Wexford Half Marathon 2016

It was sheer frustration. Having gotten out of bed at six that morning to drive to Wexford I was more than a little disappointed with how my run went. I actually felt like I was going to cry. Continue reading

Crivit Pro – Affordable Running Range From Lidl

I’ve been running for about two years now.  I started to get fit and lose the belly. A task which is ongoing and never-ending, so thankfully I like running.  One of the great things about running is the fact that it is essentially a free sport.  You don’t need to join a club or buy lots of really expensive equipment or even be part of a gym.  It’s simply a case of throw on some trainers, open the front door and off you go. Continue reading

Run-A-Muck – A Messy Affair

Freezing cold, wet, covered in muck and paying for the privilege. Who would have thought there would be so much fun involved in the event known as the runamuck challenge.  On March 5th, myself and thousands of others made the journey to Kildare to literally run-a-muck through an obstacle course which included bales of hay, tarzan ropes, ditches, tyres, tunnels and pond slides. Continue reading

Be Brave & Run in Lanzarote

Every time I go on holiday I tell myself that I will keep active and go for a couple of runs. So with that in mind, while packing for two weeks in Lanzarote over Christmas I included my trainers.  The weather was exceptionally good for December with a minimum of 20 degrees every day before about 11 in the morning.  Continue reading

Clontarf Half Marathon November 2015

For the second time this year I donned my trainers and ran the Clontarf Half Marathon. On a particularly cold November morning I found myself standing by the promenade in Clontarf for my last race of the season. I was particularly thankful for the pair of running gloves I bought long before I ever actually ran! Continue reading

Hoka Huaka Trainers – Product Review

A random phone call in work which led to a chat about ultra running led me to Hoka One One.  The guy I was chatting to was an accomplished ultra marathon runner and declared the Hoka range to be the perfect light weight running shoe for long distances.  Good enough for a man that runs 50 miles in one go, then surely they are good enough for me running a marathon. Continue reading