Rich Chocolate Pots – Recipe

Having watched the all things chocolate episode of the Great British Bake Off I was inspired to give making chocolate pots a bash.  It’s a quick simple recipe that the most novice of cook can execute perfectly.


So here’s what you will need to make your own.

Ingredients (serves 4):

50g of dark chocolate – chopped (I went with 72% cocoa)

50g of milk chocolate – chopped

40g of muscovado sugar

1tsp of vanilla essence

1 egg

1 punnet of raspberries

Icing sugar for dusting

Fresh mint leaves

Cream, Muscovado Sugar & Vanilla Essence

Step 1: place the cream, muscovado sugar and vanilla essence in a pan. Gently bring to the boil while stirring and then remove from the heat.

Bring To The Boil

Step 2: pour the cream, sugar and vanilla mixture over the chopped chocolate and gently stir until the chocolate combines.

Pour Over The Chocolate

Gently Stir In

Chocolate Combined


Step 3: slice the raspberries and line the bottom of each of the ramekins with them.

Lined Ramekins

Step 4: fill each ramekin to just under the brim with the chocolate mixture and refrigerate to allow it to set.

Ready to Chill

Step 5: garnish with raspberries, fresh mint leaves and icing sugar, and of course then sit back and enjoy your handy work.

Step 9

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