City Picnic – Belfast Cafe Dining

I was recently in Belfast to run the marathon. That was a bit of a disaster I have to say, you can read about it here  While there I needed to ‘carb load’ (I’m using that term loosely) so paid a visit to City Picnic.  It’s a simple, no fuss burger and fries kind of place.  The menu is short, appeals to your fat cells (perfect hangover food) and comes on a business card.


Business Card

It’s a large casual dining space which feels like a mix between a high-end food shop like Fallon & Byrne and a modern diner.  A variety of seating options such as picnic tables (but of course) and high stools.


Picnic Tables






Crispy Chicken

I went for the crispy chicken burger with parmesan fries.  Like most places these days Picnic tends to avoid anything which resembles a standard place and instead serves the food on metal trays, with fries in a tin cup.


Crispy Chicken and Parmesan Fries

The chicken was tender and tasteful with a rich tangy sauce. Nothing too fussy, just good quality ingredients which spoke for themselves.


Crisp Chicken

The parmesan fries had a very ample sprinkling of parmesan on them, so it made its way to the bottom of the tin cup and gave them all a coating.


Parmesan Fries

They also serve a selection of beers to accompany your food.  City Picnic is fast, quality, comfort food in pleasant surrounds.  While it was enjoyable and filled a gap, there’s nothing unique about it which would have me going out of my way to return.  15You can also follow me on Facebook, (feel free to ‘LIKE’ the page) Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date.

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