Dandelion Cocktails

LogoI seem to be drinking a lot of cocktails lately.  Thats no bad thing I suppose.  There are just so many to choose from.  On a Tuesday after work I found myself sitting at the bar in Dandelion with my buddy R. We had a couple of groupon vouchers for three cocktails each to use up.

They have quite a decent cocktail menu I have to say.  As it wasn’t that busy we had the pleasure of talking to two of the loveliest bar staff I’ve ever met.  Eveleen and Darragh.  She was Polish and he was Irish and they had a great bit of banter trying to out do each other making us cocktails. I’d return just for them alone.

The Classic Martini (€10) was first. A classy drink which is pretty much just pure alochol and some olives. Apparently a ‘dirty’ Martini is made with adding a little of the juice the olives are resting in. I never knew that.  It was a bit strong for me but R wolfed it down.


Classic Martini

The more refreshing Rosy Cooler (€10) was next. Vodka muddled with strawberries, fresh mint leaves, lime wedges, syrup and topped with apple cider.  Now that was a tasty cocktail I have to say. Full of fruit from the strawberry and a nice little tang off the apple cider.


The Rosy Cooler

The big girl in me ordered the Skittle Martini (€5) next.  Made with Skittle infused vodka, orange liqueur shaken with orange juice and topped with Grenadine in a Martini glass. Delicious but a little sweet.  I’d probably only be able to drink about three of these in a row !


Skittle Martini

R opted for the more manly Whiskey Sour (€8) next. Made from, as you can guess Whiskey, fresh lemon juice and egg white.  I’m not usually a fan of Whiskey based cocktails but this one was an exception. Quite a kick but very drinkable.


Whiskey Sour

To finish off we both went for a Honey Comb (€8). Baileys and Mickey Finns butterscotch, fresh cream, milk and finished with sprinkled chocolate flakes.  Our lovely bar girl also threw in a bit of fruit and the chocolate flakes in a heart and star shape. Sinfully good but like the Skittle Martini I wouldn’t be able to manage too many these.  It’s like drinking a box of chocolates.  Overall a great visit I have to say.


Honey Comb

Honey Comb

Honey Comb

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