Egg in a Cup Pimped!

Recipe Rewind- Egg in a Cup, A Childhood Favourite

So what does nostalgia taste like?.  Well I had a mouthful recently in the shape of egg in a cup and it taste exactly like a hung-over morning in Sydney in the year 2000.  I had taken a year out to travel. I was living with some wonderfully liked minded people in a well to do leafy suburb in North Sydney called Cremorne.  There was nothing well to do about us however. Five of us slept on blow up mattresses in a one bedroom apartment and we could not have been happier.

I’m sure I probably had egg in a cup when I was a kid but obviously at some point had completely forgotten about it. One hung-over morning (one of many) my friend Carolann declared she was going to make breakfast. Egg in a cup with toast soldiers.  A boiled egg mashed up in a cup with butter, salt and pepper and served with thin slices of toast. Really what could be simpler.  Simple it might be, but by God it was tasty and nursed a hangover well.

I fell in love with egg in a cup at that point and had it many times while traveling Australia.  For some reason when I got back to Ireland me and egg in a cup seemed to break up and I hadn’t seen my stomachs faithful friend in quite some time. While a childhood favourite is hard to beat, there is no harm in updating it slightly.  So with that in mind I’ve ditched the soldiers and brought in the bagels.

Egg in a Cup Ingredients



Salt and Pepper

Boiled egg – cooked to your preferred consistency, I like a soft inside.

Knob of butter

Dash of Worcester sauce

Sliced cheddar

Spring onion – diced

Bagel – toasted. I went with poppy seed


Now this is the easy bit.  Grab a mug. Put the butter in the bottom. Put your boiled egg on top. Add a dash of salt, pepper and Worcester sauce.  Throw in the sliced spring onion and simply mash it all together with a fork until you have a mushy mixture (technical term).  Spread it on your bagel and enjoy.

You can tailor it to your tastes by adding anything you like.  I’ve also had it with some fried chorizo which is just gorgeous.

Egg in a Cup Ingredients

Ready to Mix

Egg on a Bagel

Egg on a Bagel

Spread on a Bagel

Spread on a Bagel

Egg in a Cup Pimped!

A Childhood Favourite Pimped!

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