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(Travel) El Golfo Lanzarote

Lanzarote is probably best known for being a cheap holiday destination with almost guaranteed sunshine all year round.  There is however a whole lot more to the island.  In terms of size it comes in at just over 325 square miles.  With little effort you can certainly drive around it in a day.  You are however likely to miss some of the spectacular scenery the island has to offer. One such place is the small village of El Golfo.  Its located towards the south of the island close to the Timanfaya National Park (more next week on that. I’ve a few short photo led posts, like this one, about the sights in Lanzarote coming up).

The village is picture postcard perfect with small whitewashed buildings, a small port and of course that local welcome you only find in the smallest of villages. While the village itself may look sleepy, the coastline it sits on is far from it. Dramatic cliffs rise above the sea and even on the calmest of days the waves hurl themselves savagely on the rocks.  El Golfo is also home to a truly remarkable attraction, Charco de Los Clicos or the green lagoon. The landscape around this phenomenon (caused by algae which turns the water a bright green) is stark, barren and breathtaking.  Jagged red rocks tower above the black sands which surround the lagoon giving it an almost prehistoric appearance.   Interestingly enough, this very location was used in the 1966 film One Million Yeas B.C. starring Raquel Welch.

El Golfo Lanzarote

Raquel Welch at El Golfo Lanzarote – Photo from IMDB

I spent a couple of hours exploring the area which really is incredibly diverse.  Despite the size of the village there are a number of restaurants dotted along the coastline, which do of course serve fresh seafood.  I recommend Restaurant Costa Azul which I spotted in advance in Condé Nast Traveller.  It’s the perfect spot to stop and enjoy the local cuisine with stunning sea views.

As I was staying in Puerto del Carmen I decided to hire a car for a few days to explore.  Car hire in Lanzarote is very affordable with little or no fuss attached to it.  I picked up a Fiat 500 for three days for about €70. No need for a credit card to book. No excess charges and absolutely no hidden charges.  I simply turned up, picked my car, showed my passport, paid cash and away I went.

If you do decide to visit Lanzarote, El Golfo is well worth a visit.  Give yourself a couple of hours to enjoy the views and of course have a leisurely lunch.  As my parents live on the island I’m a frequent visitor and both RyanAir and Aerlingus have regular flights.  Booking in advance can of course save you money !  I’ve a few pictures below of the area for you to enjoy.

El Golfo Lanzarote El Golfo Lanzarote El Golfo Lanzarote El Golfo Lanzarote El Golfo Lanzarote

El Golfo

El Golfo

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