Fire Bar & Lounge – Cocktails 

I walked by their newly refurbished cocktail lounge many times always with the intention of calling in. On a boozy Saturday afternoon myself and a buddy decided to drop in and try out their cocktail menu.

Fire Lounge takes up prime position along the front of the Mansion House with floor to ceiling windows offering the perfect spot for a bit of people watching on Dawson Street.  It was relatively early in the afternoon so it was pretty quiet.

The interior was a bit bright for my liking, but again it was earlyish.  Rather than feeling funky and cosy it felt more high class hotel lobby, which I suppose is no bad thing.


From Fire Website


From Fire Website

We claimed a few seats by the window and go stuck into the cocktail menu with a view to sampling a couple of rounds. Price wise they were fairly standard for Dawson Street, coming in at about €12 each.


First up was a classic Mojito. I love them and they just shout refreshing, if made correctly that is. Credit where its due, Fire done a stellar job making it. Lots of really fresh mint and lime and just the right amount of alcohol to make it hit the mouth with a bite.


Next came a Razmopolitan and an Envy.  Both looked stunning and tasted great.  To be honest I was far too bleary eyed to remember much more about them but at the time I do remember rolling my eyes and whispering ‘devine’.



A round of these bad boys came next and I have no idea what they were. They were alochol loaded ‘manly’ red drinks with a little fruit allotment on top of them. DELISH!


Although we weren’t actually there that long, just over an hour or so I think, they even fed us! A slap up meal of mixed nuts which were promptly washed down by the aforementioned assortment of cocktails. I’d happily go back, but perhaps later in the evening when it’s in full swing.


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