Frank Duffy 10 Mile 2014

The sun was shining. It was a warm day. I spotted a line of firemen with water hoses and figured that’s good way to cool down. So rather than pass at a distance like the hundreds of people before me I decided to go a little closer and really cool down.  Fast forward five minutes and I’m happy to report that I’m refreshed but for some reason my music is no longer playing.   I check my phone.  The formerly dry phone strapped to my arm is soaking wet and no longer working.  In hindsight getting a little too close to a fireman’s hose is not the wisest thing to do (well while running anyway).

Saturday August 22nd I took part in the Frank Duffy 10 mile. The second stage of the Airtricity race series. Taking place in the Phoenix Park its an enjoyable flat course and my second year running it. I took loads of pictures at the start line and there was an incredible buzz as always.  Alas since my phone got wet and was out of action for three weeks I managed to lose all the pictures.

10 Mile Route

I hadn’t put in a huge amount of training for the race so I found it tough.  My schedule had been all over the place of late being tied up with work and social engagements (the Eat & Drink parts) so time to run foolishly got pushed to the end of my list. Despite that I managed to complete it in 1.34.28 which I was quite happy with. The next task for me is to get back to basics and refocus on my running.

Finish Time

Finish Time

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