Spy – Movie Review


‘A proper laugh out loud comedy from start to finish’

Melissa McCarthy plays Susan Cooper, a deskbound CIA analyst who works as the eyes and ears of the suave Bradley Fine (Jude Law). Prompted by her infatuation with him, when Fine disappears during a mission and the agents identities are compromised, Cooper steps forward to go undercover and gather intel on an arms dealer.


Melissa McCarthy & Jude Law

Directed, produced and written by Paul Feig (The Heat, Bridesmaids),  this is his third movie with Melissa McCarthy. It has all the appearances of a classic Bond movie from start to finish, laced with McCarthys comedic prowess, which make it an enjoyable combination.  Susan Coopers mission takes her on a whirlwind ride through some spectacular settings such as Rome, Paris and Budapest.

Although she has never been in the field, as she gets deeper undercover she surprises herself and the CIA with her ability to adapt to each situation. Support on her mission comes from Nancy (Miranda Hart), a by the book socially awkward analyst who is literally ‘head and shoulders above the rest’. Susan and Nancy are less Cagney & Lacy and more Laurel & Hardy but together they manage to work.


Melissa McCarthy & Jude Law

Also lending a hand, although he likes to think he is leading the mission, is Rick Ford (Jason Statham).  He is part agent, part Rambo, part bumbling fool. Rick is a parody of a competent agent and completely unaware of his short comings. Statam plays the role brilliantly.


Melissa McCarthy & Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne plays Rayna Boyanov, a beautiful, spoilt and wealthy villan. Following the death of her father, an arms dealer, she is in possession of a nuclear weapon which she plans to sell to the highest bidder.  Her character is cold, direct and all about status.  Her garish outfits and big hair make her look like something out of Dynasty.  Beneath her icy exterior she is somewhat intrigued by Susan who reminds her of a ‘sad Bulgarian clown’.


Melissa McCarthy

The movie is just under two hours and you certainly won’t get bored. Its fun, entertaining and Melissa McCarthy shines as a leading lady.


Miranda Hart & Melissa McCarthy



Melissa McCarthy

A proper feel good, laugh out loud comedy, I’m giving it 4 ouf of 5. Check out the trailer below. You can also follow me on Facebook, (feel free to ‘LIKE’ the page) Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date.

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