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Lidl Wines – Three Under €10

Lidl are serving up an impressive range of wines. A bottle to suit every taste with very attractive price points. I’ve picked three Lidl wines from their core range to try out.  They are all priced in or €10. All these wines are part of the Lidl core range so are available all year round.

The Red

First up we head to Rioja region of Spain. Renowned for quality reds where the dominate grape variety is Tempranillo.  This Cepa Lebrel 2013 Crianza is an absolute steal at €7.99. A ruby red with a medium body. Aging in oaks has softened and smoothed the tannins and you get aromas of soft red fruits like strawberry and cherry. Hints of oak and vanilla follow.

Taste wise, for me, it stuck to the same characteristics as the aroma. Strawberry, cherry, vanilla and a subtle underlying vegetal/animal character (don’t let the last two put you off, its quite an attractive taste).  A long and pleasant finish will leave you wanting a second glass. The second taster on this bottle has declared it incredible value and its officially on the shopping list.

Lidl Wines

Cepa Lebrel Crianza

The Sparkling

Staying with Spain we move next to the Arestel Cava priced at €10.49.  Cava is usually made with local Spanish grapes and in general keeps to subtle fruit flavours.   It’s drank when young to get the best out of it.  Not one to store on the shelf for years gathering dust.  This one I found very enjoyable I have to say.  A pale lemon in colour, not too acidic with subtle pear and honey flavours. Where you see Brut on the label of a sparkling wine, it will of course be dry, which this. Very drinkable it has to be said.

Arestel Cava9

Arestel Cava

The White

Last on my list was a French white for €9.99 .  Labelled as Mâcon-Villages its simply an indication that it comes from vineyards in the Mâconnais.  This is a southerly area of Burgundy where Chardonnay grapes are grown.  While this one won’t set the world on fire it is a decent quality wine.  Its a pale lemon colour, not too intense when you smell it.  Green fruit aromas, apple and some pear.  Probably one to have handy in the fridge for that unexpected visitor.

Lidl Wines

Mácon Villages

Disclaimer:  I was invited to the Lidl wine tasting event. Unable to attend I picked three to sample for this post. All opinions etc are my own as is deciding to write about the wine. I am no wine expert. I enjoy wine. Enjoy exploring it and have just finished WSET Level 2 Wines & Spirits (results pending but fingers crossed).

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