My Meat Wagon – BBQ Food In Smithfield

I’m a little late jumping on the My Meat Wagon but better late than never they do say ! I found myself at the Lighthouse Cinema recently for previews of Far From The Madding Crowd and Unfriended and in between I needed a bite to eat. My Meat Wagon just happens to be right beside the cinema so was a perfect location for lunch.



The interior is simple with wooden benches, stools and tables and all sorts of bric a brac on the walls.   The menu is small and concise. Choose from cow, pig or bird and add your sides and drinks.  Have it on a board, on bread or in a box.  Knives and forks are in steel canisters on the table along with the now obligatory roll of kitchen paper.



I didn’t have a lot of time and friendly waitress who greeted me told me they had a great lunch special of a burger, fries and a Coke for €10.99.  Perfect!  I went for the bacon burger minus the cheese.  The meat was plentiful, succulent and very satisfying.


Bacon Burger

It came with a small side salad of carrot, red cabbage, cucumber and lettuce.


Bacon Burger with Side Salad

The fries were freshly cooked and still had the skins on to give them a great texture. Served in a small shopping trolley of course.






Lunch was simple and tasty.  So many places get it wrong when cooking a burger but My Meat Wagon have it spot on.  The surrounds are comfortable enough and in my mind it was good value.  I left feeling full and I’d eat it again so that is always a good sign.

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My Meat Wagon
Smithfield Market Square
Dublin 7

(01) 874 8172

Opening Hours
Today 12:30 – 22:00

Feel free to join in the conversation !