Peruke & Periwig – Damn Clever Marketing 

I was already a fan of Peruke & Periwig so had no need to be converted.  I like the style of their bar and restaurant and I like the fact that they don’t churn out the same old cocktails as everywhere else.  I also like the fact they cater for different moods. You can just nip in to the ground floor level for a pint or upstairs for a cocktail in more sumptuous surroundings.

Right now in Dublin there is an incredible array of bars and restaurants offering us more options than ever before. While there is great choice, there is also an element of ‘sameness’ about quite a lot of places.  Bar and restaurant owners need to strive ever more to stand out of from the crowd. The prompt behind this post is a really clever piece of marketing aimed at helping Peruke & Periwig stand out. I was quite impressed with it and decided to give it a mention. To celebrate the launch of their new cocktail venture ‘Around the World in 80 Cocktails’ Peruke & Periwig have sent some lucky folks a very impressive invite to try out their new range of cocktails.

A courier arrived at my door to deliver an invite that would certainly peek the interest of Phileas Fogg himself.  Not the usual piece of card stuffed in an envelope. The marketing team had gone all out and produced this captivating invite. An old style chest with leather straps covered in travel stamps.

Travel Case

Travel Case

Inside there was an invite to take a food and cocktail trip.



The level of detail contained in the box was superb. There was a compass built into the inside of the lid.



A passport containing a list of cocktails which would be on offer on the night.



And no cocktail party invite would be complete without an actual cocktail included in it.





The cocktail entitled ‘Fashioned by Age’ is made of Irish Whiskey, maple syrup, still water, bitters and smoke!  Peruke & Periwig have gone to a considerable amount of effort and I’d imagine cost too, to launch their new cocktail menu, so I’m very much looking forward to trying it out and reporting back.

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