Lidl Organic Prosecco

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Organic Prosecco doesn’t mean more expensive or lacking in flavour, taste and character. Lidl have some Organic Prosecco hitting shops December 27th just in time for that New Years Eve clink of glasses.

Disclaimer: Lidl Ireland sent me the bottle as a sample. Writing about it is however my choice.

When people read ‘organic’ on a label it can ultimately mean that its going to be more expensive.  There are reasons of course for this.  Specific practices are followed to ensure the product meets stringent requirements to be classified as ‘organic’ in the first instance.  This can mean a range of things such as more labour intensive processes, smaller yields or a longer time to produce.  Each one, quite rightly has a cost impact on the end product.  In the case of the Lidl Organic Prosecco it is keenly priced at €14.99.

Lidl Organic ProseccoThe Grape

The Lild Organic Prosecco Spumante DOC is made using the Glera grape native to the Veneto region of Italy.  Interestingly enough (according to my research) Prosecco was known to be made from the Prosecco grape which, to protect the term ‘Prosecco’ was renamed to ‘Glera’.  The grape itself has a high acidity which is perfect for making Prosecco and ripens late in the season.

The Verdict

It’s a well-balanced wine with a light straw yellow colour and a nose with fresh pear and apricot which follows to the taste with the addition of hints of lemon and peach.   Light, crisp and refreshing with lasting bubbles and a clean flavour. It tends to pair well with seafood but also works perfectly on its own.  I have a sizeable jar at home where I keep corks which represent a bottle shared and a memory made.  This cork has a touch of gold to it and was enjoyed with two of my favourite people. Overall a thoroughly enjoyable drink and its available in Lidl stores from December 27th.

Lidl Organic Prosecco

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