Platform 61 – South Williams Basement Bar & Restaurant

Groupon recently had a great deal for brunch with a cocktail in Platform 61 for €25. Always interested in trying out new places, naturally I jumped at it.  I promptly booked myself in for a 12.30 bite on a Saturday.  The restaurant is basement level on South William Street. The inspiration for the surrounds came from the legend of Track 61, an underground platform with a golden elevator which took VIP guests up to the Warldorf Astoria above.

My brunch date was (hung over) late so I settled into a seat and began brunch the only way I know how, with some bubbles.  I ordered a glass of the Italian Prosecco (€7) which was light and fruity.  With time to peruse the menu I was instantly drawn to the Huevos Rancheros (€11). The other fella arrived, looking slightly worse for wear and shaking like a baby’s rattle.  I was secretly delighted because the voucher also gave us two Mimosas which translated into two for me while he supped on water to hydrate himself. He went for the Eggs Benedict (€11).



Mine was presented on a warm grilled tortilla which was piled high with free range eggs, spicy tomato relish, guacamole, melted Irish cheddar cheese, fresh rocket and crushed potatoes.  For €2 you can also add some chorizo which I did of course.  The dish was a visual feast of bright colours and tasted simply delicious. The egg yolks were silky smooth while the crushed potatoes and chorizo gave a beautiful balance of texture and flavour. The cheese was rich and the guacamole fresh and fragrant.  I loved every bite and it paired beautifully with the Mimosa.123 2

10The hollandaise of the Eggs Benedict was a rich buttery emulsion of smooth creaminess. Generously layered over poached eggs and crisp bacon on a warm English muffin.  The eggs were rich and luxurious and the bacon a perfect crisp.4 5



I was dying to try out the dessert menu which included a nutty brownie (€7) and an ice-cream pot (€6), but alas the other chap was too hung over to continue and so brunch was cut a little short. They also have a range of specials on the board which includes craft beers and a cocktail named ‘Do You Like My Bits’ for €10.

The service was excellent and the food was fantastic. The restaurant is split into a front and back room and has some beautiful details throughout. The walls are a mix of mirrored coppery gold contrasted by stark white. The tables are sleek and modern and the artwork includes the Warhol banana prints. I’ll be looking forward to returning to try out the dinner menu in the near future.


Dining Area


Dining Area

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