Run Rewards – Your Race, Your Pace

Your Race, Your Pace

Run Rewards Ireland is a ‘virtual running club’ and brought to you by Keith and Stephen, two guys from Dublin and Sligo.  They have a passion for running, the finishers medal, spreading the word about the joys of running and encouraging others to get active at a time and place that fits their lifestyle.

So what exactly is a virtual running club? 

Well its simple really. It’s the idea of scheduled, timed races with the constraints removed.  Anyone can sign up to them and when signing up participants commit to a distance  (minimum 1km ) and a time period within which to complete it. This is usually within one month.  Once completed you send proof (race tracking apps for example) of the run by email to the guys at Run Rewards Ireland.

Who is it for?

Run Rewards Irelands motto, which I love, is ‘Your Race, Your Pace. Virtual runs are perfect for beginners who need a little motivation and goal to work towards. They are equally as beneficial to experienced runners that can’t always participate in a set race. With run rewards you set your own personal finish line.

What about the Running Bling (Medal)?

You earn a high quality, bespoke medal which is exclusive to Run Rewards Ireland.  They will post it out to you and you can add to your existing collection of running bling, or indeed let it be the reward for the start of your running journey.

Exclusive RunRewards Ireland Medal

You can find more information on their website Run Rewards Ireland You can also enter their inaugural race which has a set running period between August 10th and September 10th.  You can also find them on their Facebook page here or follow them on Twitter here

I’m off to sign up myself now, and encourage you to give it a try too! Feel free to share this post on your own social media accounts and spread the word for Keith and Stephen and lets see can we get more people off those couches and giving running a try.

Note: this is not a sponsored post and Run Rewards Ireland have not asked me to promote it for them.  I came across them on Twitter and loved the idea. As a runner myself I’m all for encouraging others to get involved.

Feel free to join in the conversation !