The Skinny Kitchen

Skinny Kitchen – Ibiza

The Skinny Kitchen was a welcome find on a recent trip to Ibiza. The clubbing capital of Europe had me waving my hands in the air like I just didn’t care (I actually didn’t) until all hours of the morning.  Interestingly their tag line is ‘eat clean, rave dirty’, and damn did I rave dirty. After a few days of that my 40-year-old body needed a bit of a break. 

The Food Menu

Strolling along the marina in San Antonio I found myself outside The Skinny Kitchen. It was late morning and already it was filling up.  Being a fan of the sun I grabbed the last table outside and got stuck into the menu.  The selection is varied enough to hit all appetites with a mix of egg based dishes, salads and breakfast bowls.   I settled on the Skinny Benedict (€7.95) and added some bacon (€2).

Skinny Kitchen Breakfast Menu

Skinny Kitchen Breakfast Menu

The Drinks Menu

Drinks are not neglected in The Skinny Kitchen either.  Along with the usual beer, soft drinks, coffee and tea they offer fresh pressed juices and smoothies. Protein shakes have go-getter names like Flex on the Beach and Gym Bunny.    There is certainly a slant towards the healthy folks and the fit-fam gym clan.  It was just a bonus (for them) they also managed to attract bacon loving me !  I chose the Skinny Bunny smoothie which was incredibly tasty and I had that smug feeling of being healthy, knowing full well about an hour later I would be drinking cans of Sam Miguel on the beach.  It was packed with pineapple, banana, mango, spinach, lemongrass and coconut milk.

Smoothie in Skinny Kitchen Ibiza

The Verdict

My breakfast, the Skinny Benedict was a cracker of a dish.  two poached eggs, perfectly cooked on toasted sourdough buns with chunks of fresh avocado and topped with chipotle hollandaise which gave it a decent kick and chives and smoked paprika, and of course the added bacon just because I could.

It’s a simple dish but interesting tweaks like the chipotle hollandaise add that something a little bit extra to it.  I filed the recipe away in my head to recreate at home for a fancy Sunday brunch.

The Skinny Kitchen is a great lunch spot and I returned twice. The setting along the marina was of course gorgeous, the staff were fun and friendly, the atmosphere was relaxed and the food was excellent.  If you fancy trying it out, they are a franchise and the closest outlet is actually in Belfast.  They have two in Ibiza and also two in the UK.

Poached Eggs in Skinny Kitchen Ibiza

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