Sourdough Sharing Bread with Melted Cheese & Spring Onion

This recipe for a sourdough sharing bread is quick, easy, tasty and you can substitute the ingredients easily to vary the results.   All you need is a loaf of bread (unsliced).  I went for brown multigrain sourdough bread.  120g of butter (creamy Irish butter), about 4-5 spring onions sliced thinly and 450g of cheddar cheese (Rathdaragh).  I opted for a low-fat mature white cheddar.



Chopped Spring Onion



Melt the butter and add the spring onion to it and mix it through so its coated evenly.


Combined Spring Onion and Butter

Slice the cheese into thin strips.


Sliced Cheese

Cut the bread lengthwise without cutting through the bottom crust. Then cut the bread crosswise without cutting throught the bottom crust.


Sliced Bread

Insert the cheese slices into the cuts in the bread as shown below.


Cheese slices

Place the bread onto some tin foil.


Bread in tinfoil

Pour the melted butter and spring onion mixture over the top of the bread, evenly covering all parts of it.  Wrap up the tin foil and bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 250 degrees.

Mixture poured on top

Mixture poured on top


Wrapped in foil

Check it after twenty minutes to check all the cheese has melted.  If not leave it in for a few more minutes.


Cheese has melted

Sprinkle some extra grated cheese on top and bake for a further ten minutes with the foil open.


Extra Cheese on Top

The butter and cheese will melt down into the bread and soak through it.  All that’s left is to cut through it and tuck in !!


Cut Into It

As mentioned it’s a recipe that can very easily be adapted to suit your own tastes.  Try a different type of cheese, or a flavoured cheese or add some diced chorizo, bacon or garlic. If you like the recipe feel free to share it.



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