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Ku Raudo – Bento Box Lunch


Ku Raud

My good friend Ruby Laine had told me about Ku Raudo a new place on Townsend Street that offered a delicious Bento Box for the bargain price of €8.99. That sounds like good maths to me.  Bento means ‘convenient’ (which it is) and apparently they have been knocking around for hundreds of years.



The restaurant itself is quite small with seating for about 16-20 max. It’s simply and elegantly furnished with pale wooden furniture and red napkins.  It actually feels quite peaceful.  Not a bit of glitz and glam here, they are all about their food.



As soon as you sit down you are presented with complimentary green tea which is served ceremoniously from an ornate teapot. A nice touch I thought and allegedly green tea is very good for you.




Chopsticks & Green Tea

I’m not great with chopsticks I have to say so if they think you look like your struggling they will happily give you a knife and fork.


Green Tea

There is a set menu which changes regularly and each has a meat option and a vegetarian option.


Set Menu

I opted for the meat version while Ruby opted for the Vegetarian one.  I was the clear winner I have to say, not just because I got meat!  She had already been a few times and felt her vegetarian option this time round was not as tasty.


Meat Option

While it may not look that big in the picture, the quantity of food in the bento box was quite substantial. The Kuro Kosho Beef was tender and tasty with a rich sauce packed full of flavour.  There was a small salad with pieces of deep fried chicken and two pieces of California roll sushi which were exceptional I have to say. A large serving of steamed rice and for the sweet tooth four little pieces of Mantou, which is like a sweet bun bread.




Kuro Kosho Beef




California Roll Sushi


Miso Soup

The bento box also came with a side serving of Miso soup infused with spring onion. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the dining experience.  The food was plentiful and varied and the service was impeccable.  While I was dining at least three people stuck their head in to check what was on the menu that day.  They seemed to be well known to the staff and regulars who come back time and time again is a good indicator the variety of food on offer is worthy of a return visit. I’ve already been back myself since writing this review !

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