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Nordzee – Superb Seafood in Brussels

I’ve been to Brussels twice this year already. I often think it gets over looked in favour of the more ‘flashier’ European cities like Paris, Rome and Barcelona.  Brussels however has quite a lot to offer its visitors. It has beautiful architecture, museums and parks. What really gets me excited however is the abundance of incredible food and beer that the city is serving up.  Seafood at Nordzee is top of the list ! Continue reading

Peck 47 – A Brilliant Brunch in Brussels

Brussels has a thriving food scene which does actually stretch beyond the faithful frite, although I’m a big fan of them also.  On a recent visit I tried out Peck 47 (Rue du Marché aux Poulets 47) which was just across from my hotel. Having watched a steady stream of people queue outside to secure a table during my visit, I was lucky enough to grab a table early on my last day. Continue reading

Friterie Tabora – The Best Frites in Brussels

Brussels is well-known for its beer and the little boy taking a piss. Something else they are renowned for is their frites (chips). Once again the Gastro Gays steered me in the right direction (I think I’ll just bring them on holiday with me next time).  Try Friterie Tabora they declared, they have the most amazing frites.  So naturally I did. Continue reading

Bia Mara – Brussels Meets The Irish

On a recent trip to Brussels I asked the ever reliable Gastrogays for some food recommendations.  They mentioned Bia Mara to me. As luck would have it, it was directly across the road from my hotel. Obviously meant to be.  It’s a busy spot but we were lucky enough to grab a table.  Continue reading