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Foraging on Lambay Island - Lambay Castle

Foraging on Lambay Island

Foraging on Lambay Island was a highlight of this year for me.  I have previously  written about it but decided to share the additional piece below. Continue reading

Lambay Island

Foraging Retreat Lambay Island

I grew up in Rush so Lambay Island was right in front of my eyes my entire childhood. At one point during an obsessive Famous Five phase I was convinced Lambay was in fact Kirrin Island.  I was devastated to find out the truth.  I would never row a little boat to the island, discover treasure, drink lashings of ginger beer and foil a plan by some ruthless thieves to steal the aforementioned treasure. Continue reading

Wild Foods & Foraging Masterclass at Brooklodge

**my stay was covered at my own expense (and well worth it) but my place on the master class was complimentary**

It was the sound of geese chattering around the pond outside my window that woke me. I had stayed the night in the luxurious and tranquil surrounds of Brooklodge and Macreddin Village in Co. Wicklow. I’ll tell you more about my stay in a follow-up post but first let me tell you why I was visiting. Continue reading