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Wexford Half Marathon

Wexford Half Marathon 2017

The last time I took part in a half marathon was April 2016 in Madrid.  A year is a long time to be resting on your laurels in running terms.  It was a combination of factors which kept me idle.  Some were of my own doing and some were due to injury.  

Time however has a habit of slipping by so quickly.   Continue reading

Madrid Half Marathon 2016 – The Rock ‘n’ Roll Series

After the disaster that was the Wexford Half Marathon a week earlier, I was more than a little anxious boarding my plane to Madrid to run the Rock’n’Roll half.  I had a week to rest my legs and more importantly to get my head back in the game. In my opinion if you are not prepared mentally then you are wasting your time showing up in the first place. Continue reading

Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin 2014

My goal when I started running was to run 5K. I hit it and wanted more. The new goal was to run 10K. I hit that and wanted more. Running is addictive and psychologically 5k increments are very doable. What about a half marathon though. That would be over double anything I had run before. It wasn’t just another 5k.  Continue reading