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Banana Bread for National Bread Week


It’s all about Banana Bread today. 

National Bread Week is running between Sunday October 9th and Saturday October 15th so naturally I have a banana bread recipe to hand to share.  You can also find a whole load of bread inspiration over at the National Bread Week website. Continue reading

The Perfect BBQ – Asian Inspired Pork Skewers

As soon as the sun comes out every balcony and garden across the country has a cloud of smoke coming off it.  The likes of Argos and Woodies are rammed with eager BBQ buyers picking up their ‘use it once a year’ BBQ.  The thing is you just can’t beat BBQ food in good weather and the fact that we are barbecuing in Ireland makes us feel all sorts of exotic. Instead of rolling out the usual burgers and chicken fillets I decided to give my pork steaks a hint of eastern flavor for a delicious and simple BBQ crowd pleaser. Continue reading