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Lidl Organic Prosecco

Organic Prosecco

Organic Prosecco doesn’t mean more expensive or lacking in flavour, taste and character. Lidl have some Organic Prosecco hitting shops December 27th just in time for that New Years Eve clink of glasses. Continue reading

Muscadet from Lidl - French Wine Sale.

Muscadet From Lidl – French Wine Sale

The Lidl French wine sale kicks off in stores on March 20th.  In advance of the sale I’ve picked two to try.  I’ve purposely steered away from the traditional white wines such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc and opted for something a little less mainstream in the form of a Riesling and Muscadet from Lidl. You can find my thoughts on the Riesling here. Continue reading

Lidl Wine

Lidl Wines – Three Under €10

Lidl are serving up an impressive range of wines. A bottle to suit every taste with very attractive price points. I’ve picked three Lidl wines from their core range to try out.  They are all priced in or €10. All these wines are part of the Lidl core range so are available all year round. Continue reading

Crivit Pro – Affordable Running Range From Lidl

I’ve been running for about two years now.  I started to get fit and lose the belly. A task which is ongoing and never-ending, so thankfully I like running.  One of the great things about running is the fact that it is essentially a free sport.  You don’t need to join a club or buy lots of really expensive equipment or even be part of a gym.  It’s simply a case of throw on some trainers, open the front door and off you go. Continue reading