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Wexford Half Marathon

Wexford Half Marathon 2017

The last time I took part in a half marathon was April 2016 in Madrid.  A year is a long time to be resting on your laurels in running terms.  It was a combination of factors which kept me idle.  Some were of my own doing and some were due to injury.  

Time however has a habit of slipping by so quickly.   Continue reading

Do You Have Running Buddy? You Should !

I’ve been running on and off now for about two years.  The majority of that time has been spent running on my own, which I’ve been quite happy with.  I enjoy listening to music and getting some head space.  I have always found that when I take part in a race I tend to run faster than I would on my own.  The surge of the crowd going forward tends to propel me along and keep me going. Continue reading