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The Skinny Kitchen

Skinny Kitchen – Ibiza

The Skinny Kitchen was a welcome find on a recent trip to Ibiza. The clubbing capital of Europe had me waving my hands in the air like I just didn’t care (I actually didn’t) until all hours of the morning.  Interestingly their tag line is ‘eat clean, rave dirty’, and damn did I rave dirty. After a few days of that my 40-year-old body needed a bit of a break.  Continue reading

Limoncello & Basil – A Smoothie Surprise

All too often when the sun shines you hear people (everyone’s mother) roll out the phrase ‘sure with weather like that you wouldn’t want to go away’.  Well as glorious as Ireland is in the sunshine I might still be tempted to jump on a plane to Italy and sip Limoncello by the sea. As luck would have it, I work with a lovely Italian lady who brought me in a bottle. I cobbled together a few healthy ingredients which I then completed doused in liqueur and came up with a refreshing Italian inspired summer smoothie. Continue reading

Vodka Smoothie – Its For Adults Only

The smoothie has long been praised for being a quick and easy way to get fresh fruit and/or vegetables into our diets.  To be fair making a smoothie takes little or no skill and the right combination can taste incredibly good.  Continue reading

Peck 47 – A Brilliant Brunch in Brussels

Brussels has a thriving food scene which does actually stretch beyond the faithful frite, although I’m a big fan of them also.  On a recent visit I tried out Peck 47 (Rue du Marché aux Poulets 47) which was just across from my hotel. Having watched a steady stream of people queue outside to secure a table during my visit, I was lucky enough to grab a table early on my last day. Continue reading