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Argentinian Crios by Susana Balbo

Every now and then you find a bottle of wine which you just adore. The Crios from Argentina is such a wine. The wine is made by Susana Balbo at Dominio del Plata in the Mendoza region of Argentina. Continue reading

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide From EatDrinkRunFun

Christmas is the time of giving. The time of get togethers and the time when everyone says “we must get a drink”.  So with that in mind, I’ve put together a Christmas Gift Guide which includes some wonderful picks for those who enjoy clinking a glass. Continue reading

Domaine Horgelus Rosé – A Rosé Review

Recently I had a bit of Twitter chat about Rosé wines with the very talented Gaby Guedez One particular reference she made grabbed my imagination and I thought it a wonderful way to describe a pale Rosé. It was a fitting prompt for me to delve into my own narrative about a Rosé I enjoyed recently. Continue reading