Massage on a Barge

Massage on a Barge

A massage on a barge, the latest Dublin trend in the world of massages. A sunny Friday afternoon and I was heading along to something of a more unusual appointment. I’d been invited as a guest to try out the new massage service being offered on a barge moored on the tranquil waters of Grand Canal Dock. I think any time something a little different, is added to a massage service, people tend to immediately think, ‘oh that’s definitely one of those happy ending places’.  I can confirm, the ending was happy, but not in, the mind in the gutter type of way.  A warm welcome is always appreciated, and on arrival my masseuse, Tam, was waiting on the dock for me, waving wildly with a wide smile. The barge by the way is known as Peggy Joy, a dutch barge that was refitted in County Leitrim.

Massage on a BargeThe barge has four large, well equipped massage therapy rooms.  Spacious and inviting with tranquil Thai inspired decoration. They even have their very own names of Orchid, Jasmine, Lotus and Lily. The massage beds are expansive and for the more adventurous massages, there is a pole, attached to the ceiling, for that all important walking on your back.  I opted for a standard one hour full body Thai massage. Usual pricing for the massage is one hour for €65 or an hour and a half for €95.

….tension being banished into submission…

Although slight of build Tam, had the power of an army in her hands and it wasn’t long before she was at war with every single knot in my body.  I wont’ lie, there were a lot of knots and a couple of dear God what just happened moments, which were followed by instant relaxing relief.  She worked me over from head to toe and I could literally feel the tension being banished into submission.

My visit was thoroughly enjoyable I have to say.  I left feeling a combination of relaxed, sleepy and limber which I think is a good thing.   The day I visited it was extremely warm and the massage rooms were a little on the warm side. A fan would have been welcome to balance out the temperature.  They had literally opened that day so I made sure to get back in touch with some customer feedback, which they instantly replied to and incorporated into their business. To me that is the very essence of how a business to customer relationship should work.  If there is something you think could improve an experience, by all means share it.  That way everyone wins.

Would I go back for a massage on a barge?  Yes I would and I wish them every success with their venture.  You can find full details on their website:  I’ve also included some photos from the day and the price list below for you.

Massage on a BargeMassage on a BargeMassage on a BargeMassage on a BargeMassage on a Barge

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