Technically Ready to Run 

So following on from my first post The Best Dress Non Runner i was now technically ready to run! I decided it would be a good idea to run around the town where I live (nice coastal run). So I donned my flashy new matching running gear, water bottle in hand (one of those grip ones that fit snugly in your hand) and I was ready to run. But wait, how would I know how far I had gone?

It seems I was a little too eager to get out the door and had neglected to spend time researching all the available apps which could record my run. Luckily I had only made it as far as the hall and didn’t have far to turn back.  It made much more sense to spend the next few hours looking at the app store to see what I could find. Thank god I had my water bottle to hand to keep hydrated while I conducted my research from the couch.

After weighing up the pros and cons I finally decided that I would download two differant apps.  I think its always good to have options.

MayMyRun – free download which would later become my preferred running app.Map My Run

Run Keeper – also a free download which I don’t think I ever used.

Run Keeper

For good measure I also downloaded Precision Runners where you can view results of any events where you are chip timed.  At the time I had no idea what that meant and given that I hadn’t yet left the house there was no need to investigate further.

Precision Running

So there I was, one step closer to becoming an actual runner. I looked the part and now I was armed with the latest technology which would tell me how magnificantly well I was doing.  As it turned out, looking at apps while sipping water dressed in my running gear took longer than I thought and it was too late for an actual run. Not to worry there was always tomorrow.

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