Oscars Café Bar – Damn Big Burgers

Oscars Cafe Bar had been on my list of places to try for ages.  I eventually got my act together and took a visit last week to their Christchurch branch.  They also have one in Smithfield. It’s a classy joint I have to say.  Lots of art work on the walls, high ceilings, different levels and varying types of seating, including old theatre seats.  There is a space for every kind of dining experience, whether it be an intimate twosome or a large group of friends.

0bf1f1027b020c1010ae8be695a73112To start we both opted for a portion of wings (€9).  Now I have to warn you the size of the portion is just huge, really huge.  It would easily feed two.  We didn’t know that in advance so ended up with two bowls of chicken wing goodness. They were proper wings too, the big juicy finger licking good kind.



The wings are served with a coriander and lime mayo. The coolness of it worked well against the spice of the wings.  I think it would be a nice touch to offer maybe a choice of garlic mayo with it also.  Wings and garlic mayo are a firm favourite for many and a marriage made in heaven.

For mains I opted for the Cajun chicken fillet burger (€13).  It was served on an Arun Bakery red and white onion sour dough bap with crispy bacon, smoked apple cheese, rocket and a red pepper and basil pesto mayo. As you can see from the pictures below it was quite the handful.


Cajun chicken fillet burger


Cajun chicken fillet burger

The running theme in Oscars seems to be BIG FOOD.  They certainly do not scrimp on their offerings.  I was already quite full after the wings so struggled to finish the chicken burger.  It was perfectly cooked and succulent and came with a side of twice fried fries.


Twice fried fries

The second main course was the 10oz bacon and cheese burger (€13). Check out the height of it!  It’s not one but two 5oz Beef Burgers, served on an Arun Bakery red and white onion sour dough bap, with red onion marmalade, crisp lettuce, beef tomato and Dijon mustard mayo.  I don’t know anyone with a mouth big enough to fit it in and that’s saying something.


10oz Burger

10oz Burger

10oz Burger

I did look at the dessert menu and if I wasn’t so full I would have had the Baileys cheesecake, so I guess I’ll go back for that.

The food is good, plentiful and competitively priced for what you get.  The service was excellent and the surrounds were comfortable.




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