The Best Dressed Non Runner 

Back in April 2013 a buddy suggested running to me as a way to get active and get fit and more importantly to lose the belly.  Someone else had suggested it to him so I guess it’s one of those activities you pass on to others. I know I have already passed it to other friends myself. I should start by saying that I am certainly no expert on running and am pretty much learning as I go.  Yes there is actually more to running than one foot in front of the other.  I never knew that. I also remember clearly someone else saying to me “you are the best dressed non runner I ever seen”.  Here’s why.

Always up for trying something new I decided I’d give running a go. Naturally enough if I was going to commit to this sport I would need to look the part. That is obviously the first step in starting to run. It’s not actually running. Some people may beg to differ (they are probably right). Having also roped Him-indoors into joining me in my new running career (might as well aim high) we did the same thing that every self respecting runner before us had done. We got in the car and headed to the Kildare Village Outlets to buy some running gear.Running JacketHaving discussed at great length on the journey there exactly what we would need we had a mental list of items needed.  Trainers, shorts, running tops (matching of course), running gloves (it was still cold and I wasn’t even sure running gloves were an actual thing, they are btw), running socks, water bottles (yes plural) and light running jackets, again because it was still cold out. Sweat bands did cross my mind but I figured that was a step too far (they feature later in my ‘running career’).


Fast forward about three hours, my debit card is in a state of shock and my hands are full of bags. Trainers, socks, shorts, running tops, running jacket, a new gym bag, water bottles (two types) and the mystical running gloves in bright orange (seemed like a good idea at the time).


My running career was officially kick started and I was exhausted just shopping for it. It was home to relax on the couch with a bottle of wine to congratulate myself.  Best to take baby steps. No sense in rushing into the actual running.  That was a job for another day. I think it was at least another week before my new purchases made it out of their bags.

Hand Bottle

When I did take them out it was really only to remind myself of my incredible commitment to running. I wasn’t going to actually put any of them on yet. Again, I say baby steps. I didn’t want to scare myself off running!

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