The Big Grill Festival – Herbert Park – WARNING Contains lots of MEAT

The Big Grill Festival is back once again in Herbert Park and is running from 11th to 14th of August 2016.  It is literally a meat lovers paradise full of pork, chicken and beef, marinated, barbecued, smoked, grilled and served up hot, tasty and ready for you to eat.

Naturally you will need something to wash all that meat down with so of course on site they have beers, ciders, whiskeys and gins to help you out.  Last but not least there are DJs putting the beats into BBQ and live music all weekend long.  I popped in on opening evening for a quick look and took a few snaps.  Have a look below to see what’s in store for you.

Rumour has it, it’s so popular that Saturday is already sold out but there are still tickets for Friday and Sunday so get booking quickly.


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2 thoughts on “The Big Grill Festival – Herbert Park – WARNING Contains lots of MEAT

  1. Anonymous

    Is there any way in the wide earthly world there are any tickets for the saturday Big Grill..
    Thank you

    1. Rory Post author

      I believe they are all sold out Michelle, it’s a popular gig. Maybe tweet them to see if there is any on the gate tickets being kept.


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