The Restaurant

(FLASHBACK) The Restaurant -The Night I Was (Drunk) On The TV

Since The Restaurant TV show is back on screens Thursday March 23rd, sure I thought I would re-post this little piece about my experience last year.

Back in August 2015, myself and the lovely Caitriona from Wholesome Ireland had the pleasure of filming an episode of Aldi The Restaurant. It was an absolute funfest from start to finish.  Naturally we had to keep quiet on who our celebrity chef was, but of course everyone now knows it was Pippa O’Connor.

The Restaurant

The Restaurant

Given the amount of wine we were served it all got a little vague by the end of the night and neither of us could even remember what we were saying.  Before it screened we were cringing thinking of what the edit would be like.  After watching it, I have to say, I’m glad I’m able to laugh at myself.  Dear Lord I came out with some choice remarks, all in good jest of course.   The team behind the scenes work extremely hard to put the whole show together so my thanks to all of them for having us on the show and for editing us with such kindness!

My favourite part of the show is the chefs in the kitchen putting us pompous diners in our place and reading the Twitter reactions while watching, for some commentary gems. A few snaps below from our episode and a few tweets which made me laugh a lot. Aldi were certainly very generous with the wine pour so no wonder ‘wilted spinach man’ was having trouble tasting the food. Little thanks also to Marks and Spencer who helped me scrub up in a suit for the filming.  If you missed it you can catch it on right here.

Myself and Caitriona

Myself and Caitriona

Snippet of Us


Suited & Booted




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